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(Ret.) = Retriever   |  !! = Maybe more scientificly interesting than others

Advanced Biological Testing, Inc. / T.E.G.: Vibracore studies, Alameda Naval Air Station and Naval Supply Center, 1994, 1996; Ports of San Francisco and Redwood City, 1997, 1998. San Francisco Drydock vibracoring, 2006. (Ret.)

ADH Environmental, Inc. / T.E.G.:
 Army Corps of Engineers vibracoring at Pinole Shoals & Suisun Bay ship channels, San Francisco Bay 2009-10. (Ret.)

Amec-Geomatrix / Port of SF / PG &E / T.E.G.: Potrero Point Power Plant vibracore sampling 2009. (Ret.). San Francisco Drydock vibracoring, 2006.

Advanced Biological Testing, Inc. / T.E.G.: Vibracore studies, Alameda Naval Air Station and Naval Supply Center, 1994, 1996; Ports of San Francisco and Redwood City, 1997, 1998.

!! Animal Planet TV affiliate Grenada Media Services: Great White Shark behavioral filming, Farallon Islands, 2001.

Anchor Environmental Services/ T.E.G.: Port of San Francisco and Larkspur Ferry Terminal vibracore studies, 2001-2005.  Vibracoring, San Francisco Drydock, 2006, and Port of Oakland, 2008. (Ret.)

!! Applied Marine Sciences: Design consulting of anchoring system for Monterey Bay Aquarium seawater intake retrofit project, 2020. (Ret.)

!! AOA Geophysics: Japanese Nuclear Waste Management Center instrument deployments, Monterey Bay,  2004.

!! Audubon Society New Year’s Day Bird Counts, eastern Monterey Bay (donated), 2009-2014.

Ballard Marine Construction: Monterey Regional Outfall inspection, 2014. Alcatraz Island boundary buoy maintenance, 2015-16. Martinez Municipal Outfall repairs, 2018.

!! BAE Systems / U. of Rhode island / U. of Hawaii / SubChem, Inc. & others: Layered Organization of the Coastal Ocean (LOCO) experimental analysis of physical & chemical oceanographic processes and planktonic behavioral studies, Monterey Bay, 2005, 2006. (Featured in the 7-minute video on Shana Rae’s page)

!! BBC Natural History Unit/ Granada Wild TV Center: SE Farallon Island White Shark filming, 2001-2002.

Ballard Diving Services: Diving support of SF Bay Bridge inspection, 2014, 2018

Brennan Diving Services: Monterey Regional Outfall inspection & diffuser repairs, 2023.

Battelle / U.S. Navy / City & County of San Francisco / T.E.G.: Hunters Point Naval Shipyard benthic and vibracore sampling, 2001, 2003, 2004. (Ret.)

!! Bluefin Robotics, Inc.: Prototype AUV sea trials, Monterey Bay, 2003,  2004.

Boudreau & Associates / T.E.G.: Ports of Richmond & San Francisco vibracore sampling 2009. (Ret.)

British Broadcasting Corporation: Surface film support, Carmel Bay, 1988.

!! Brookfield Zoo (Chicago)/ Shedd Aquarium: Tagging and tracking studies of Pacific white-sided dolphins,  Monterey Bay, 1991, 1992.

Bueno Films:  Commercial filming off Monterey, 2010.

!! California Department of Fish and Game: Sardine egg distribution studies between Monterey & Point Conception, 1988, and between San Diego & Cedros Island, Baja California, 1989.  !! Night collection/tagging/tracking studies of endangered marbled murrelet behavior, central California nearshore , 1997.

California Polytechnic Institute / MBARI: Nighttime bioluminescence and optical studies, Monterey Bay, 2000.

!! California Institute of Technology:        AUV profiling of upwelling fronts off Monterey Bay, 2016-17.

!! California State University at Fullerton: Vibracore studies of near-coastal undersea canyon deposits north of Monterey Bay, 2015, 2017.

!! California State University of Monterey Bay: Benthic camera installations and recoveries at Ano Nuevo Island, 2023.

Caltrans / Moss Landing Marine Laboratory: Dive team / small boat support of subtidal baseline studies, Partington Point slide, Monterey County, 1991.

CH2M Hill Consulting: One-year current meter and dilution study for San Francisco Dept. of Public Works, 1988-1990.

!! Deep Ocean Engineering / NASA: Sea trials of prototype virtual reality-controlled ROV, Monterey Canyon, 1996.

Dept. of Defense: Liquid Robotics Wave Glider deployments and recoveries, 2013.

DRS Diving: Monterey Municipal outfall concrete core sampling, 2014

!! Endeco / RD Instruments: Sea trials of prototype Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler, 1991.

Entrix, Inc.: Bathymetric surveys,  Alcatraz disposal site, San Francisco Bay, 1989, 1990.

!! Environmental Crossings, Inc.: Surface monitoring and diving support of horizontal drilling for MBARI fiber optic cable installation, Monterey Bay, 2006.

EPA Newport Lab:Sediment and trawl sampling of Richmond Inner Harbor Superfund site, 1991.

EVS Environmental Consultants / Port of Oakland / T.E.G.: Coring Operations and Sediment Instrumentation in large vessel berthing sites, 1999-2001. (Ret.)

!! Fugro Seafloor Surveys, inc.: Sea trials of autonomous survey vehicle, outer Monterey Canyon, 2006, 2007.

Fugro West / Oceaneering, Inc.: Seismic sub-bottom profiling of Cambria desalination plant pipeline site, 1995.

Fugro West / Port of Oakland: Cone Penetrometer survey of Naval Supply Station sites, 1999.

Geometrics: Sea trials of prototype magnetometers,  1992-2009.

Global Diving, Inc.: Monterey Bay sunken wreck stabilization, 2005. Extensive sidescan sonar search for lost shipping containers in the vicinity of SF Pilot Station, 2016.  SF Bay Bridge cathodic protection survey (Ret), 2017 and corrosion survey, 2018.  Annual diver & ROV inspections of the Santa Cruz Municipal Outfall, 2015-continuing into 2024 as Moran Environmental Recovery.

Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary (NOAA): Boundary marker buoy maintenance, 2011-2014; and classroom presentations, 2005-2012. Seabird nesting habitat boundary buoys 2011, 2012, Mooring Buoy maintenance/ dive support at SW Farallon Island, 2014.

Haley-Aldrich / PG&E / Port of SF / Nautilus: Vibracore studies at Potrero Point power plant, 2009.  (Ret.)

!! Hobilabs, Inc.: Sea trials of laser-optical instruments, Monterey Canyon, 1998-2000.

Hopkins Marine Station/ Monterey Bay Aquarium: Instrument array deployments, Monterey Bay, 2016.

!! Hubbs-Seaworld Institute: Unsuccessful capture attempts om Pacific White-sided dolphins, 1990.

!! Integral Consulting: Directional wave studies and forecasting modeling, Monterey Bay, 2016-2017. South SF Bay sediment studies with Stanford, 2018-19 (Ret.). Monterey Bay optical instrument array deployments & recoveries, 2020-22.

International Diving Services / John Chance & Associates: Magnetometer, side-scan, diver video and corrosion surveys of petroleum products pipeline, 1989-93.

!! Jet Propulsion Lab: Photometric Ground Truth trials, 1989-90

Jupiter, Inc.: Monterey Bay Wave Glider support, 2014, 15. Again in 2020.

Kinnetics Laboratories, Inc.:  Benthic studies for Port of Oakland; water quality and benthic surveys for Santa Cruz Dept. of Public Works and the City of Watsonville; vibracoring to 20 feet for Ports of Los Angeles,1997(?),  Morro Bay, 2013(?).  With City & County of San Francisco Public Utilities, ADCP instrument array deployments and recoveries, 2012, 2013.  Vibracore sampling, Moss Landing Harbor, 2020. Port of Oakland, 2020, Port of Richmond, 2020, ’21, & 2024. Cable route v-core sampling near Pittsburg, CA, 2022. V-core sampling near Coast guard Island, Alameda Channel, 2022. (Ret.). Continuing C-CLEAN water quality monitoring, Monterey Bay, yearly 2007-24.

!! Liquid Robotics, Inc.:  San Francisco-New Zealand/Japan crossing launch event, 2011, Monterey Bay developmental operations, 2009-2021.

!! Lockheed Martin: Benthic acoustic system deployments & recoveries, 1992-94. Laser tracking and targeting system sea trials, 2013-14.

Marine Ecological Consultants:  Vibracoring, Port of Oakland, 1990; acoustic behavioral studies, Alcatraz spoils site, 1992, 2001-2; v-coring in Pinole Shoals Channel, SF Bay, 1997; SF Bay archeological midden v-core sampling, 2001; V-core studies Ports of Oakland (Ret.) & Moss Landing, 2001;  Petaluma,  2002 (Ret.); Alameda and Vallejo,  2004, 2005 (Ret.)

MCI / AT&T / ABA Consultants: Benthic survey and instrumentation of proposed fiber optic cable routes, Monterey Bay, 1999.

!! M.I.T. / Woods Hole / MBARI: Autonomous Underwater Vehicle operations, Monterey Bay, 1999, 2000,  2004.

!! Monterey Bay Aquarium: Sea otter rehabilitation program; tracking and recovery, 1991.  Saltwater intake system repair diving support, 2009, 2017. Acoustic instrument array service at Ano Nuevo Island, 2016. Live capture Elevator system trials, 2019. Whale Falls program support, 2021-2022.

!! Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute: Recovery of drifting oceanographic instrument array off Point Sur, 1995; AUV and acoustic operations support, Monterey Bay, 1999-2004. Monitoring and dive support for horizontally drilled fiber optic cable installation, and sea trials of Docking AUV systems, 2006, 2011-12. MARS cable installation surface support, 2007. Automated monitoring instrument array deployments & recoveries, 2005-2009. ESP system deployments and recoveries Monterey Bay and Newport Beach, 2008-16; escort damaged RV Pt. Lobos to Alameda dry dock from Moss Landing, 2011; nearshore instrument deployments, 2011;  Ocean Acidification array deployments and recoveries, 2011-20. Emergency recovery of disabled Wave Gliders, 2022.  AUV benthic docking system deployments & recoveries, 2022-continuing. Benthic ADCP deployments & recoveries, 2022-2023. DC Wave Generator deployments and recoveries, 2009-continuing

Monterey Bay commercial crab fisheries deployment of pots at seasonal openings, 2004, 2014,16, & 17.

Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (NOAA): Annual maintenance of Personal Watercraft Boundary buoys, 2003-continuing bi-annually.

Monterey Bay Diving Services: Recovery of adrift very large NOAA weather buoy at Ano Nuevo island, 2023.

!! Moss Landing Marine Laboratory (California State University): Surface support of Soviet manned submersible operations, tagging/tracking of Pacific white-sided dolphins, and marine mammal censusing for Pt. Sur Acoustic Thermometry Studies (ATOC), 1994, 1995.

!! Mythbusters TV series,  Discovery Channel, Inc.: Examination of commercial diving accident accounts from early diving history, 2009.

!! National Data Buoy Center: Autonomous vehicle deployments and recoveries, 2012.

!! National Geographic Society, Photographic Department: ROV film and photographic efforts in Monterey and Carmel Bays, logistic support of Alvin dives, 1988.  Deployment/recovery of automated, baited “Ropecam” digital video systems to 3050m in Monterey Canyon, and to 1830m on Guide Seamount, 1998. Support services for Russian RV Mistislav Keldish and twin MIR manned submersibles, 1999.

!! National Geographic Society, Television Department:Surface and ROV coverage of Dr. Sylvia Earle’s Sustainable Seas Program training dives in Nuytco, Inc. one-person submersibles, Monterey Bay, 1998.

NOAA, Conservation Biology Division: Benthic acoustic recording network deployed off Point Reyes, 2008.

!! NOAA, NW Fishery Science Center: Toxic algal bloom monitoring, central coast, upwelling season, 1998.

!! NOAA, Pacific Marine Environmental Lab: Tsunami real-time warning system acoustic modem seatrials, 1998. AUV profiles, benthic instrument array management, 2017.

!! NOAA, SW Fisheries Science Center, National Marine Fisheries Service: Outmigrant juvenile salmonid feeding ecology studies, San Francisco Bay and Sacramento-San Joaquin River delta, 1997-2005, and Monterey Bay juvenile rockfish distribution studies, 2005-08. Acoustic tagging instrument deployments off Point Reyes, 2008; (recoveries, 2010); SF Bay smolts, 2011.

NOAA National Data Buoy Center: AUV ops with Stennis Space Center, 2012.

North Coast Divers, Inc.: Video inspections of Santa Cruz and Watsonville outfalls, 1991-95, 2006, 2008.  Checkvalve installation on the Monterey Regional outfall, 1995-96.  Inspections on the Monterey Regional and Watsonville outfalls, 1999. U.S. Coast Guard navigational buoy replacement, San Francisco Bay, 2000, 2002.  Moss Landing Marine Lab intake structure installation, other outfall inspections, 2003-05.  Mythbusters TV series diving accident examination & testing 2009.

!! Oceanic Society: Grey whale behavioral study off Point Reyes, 1987.

!! Ohio State University: Acoustic current meter recoveries, 2001.

!! Oregon State University: Live collection of Pleurobranchia californicus, 1988-89.  Multi-channel acoustic analysis of planktonic organization, Monterey Bay, in association with LOCO (Layered Organization of the Coastal Ocean), 2006. Continued nocturnal acoustic behavioral studies in Monterey Bay, 2008.

Pacific Ecorisk / T.E.G.: Vibracore studies for Port of Redwood City and at Yerba Buena Island, 2007 (Ret).; and for BART, Port of Richmond, Valero Refinery, the Cities of Vallejo & Benicia, and Glen Cove Marina, 2008, 2009 (Ret.). Port of Oakland, Conoco Refinery and Schnitzer Steel vibracoring, 2010 (Ret.); Alameda Naval Air Station, 2011. (Ret.)

Parker Diving Services: Monterey Bay ROV inspection of sunken vessel, 2005. Search/survey for lost floatplane near San Simeon, 2012-14.

!! Pennsylvania State University: Meteorological studies off central California, 1987. Optical analyses of upper water column dynamics, Monterey Bay, 2006.

Pier 39, San Francisco Harbormaster’s Office: in-harbor light construction and repair support, 2007, 2008. (Ret.)

Pioneer Film Services: Short subject filming off Santa Cruz, 2013.

Port of Stockton / T.E.G.: Pre-dredging vibracore sampling, 2002. (Ret.)

Power Engineering: Cross-South SF Bay fiber optic cable trenching & burying, 2023. (Ret.)

PRC, Environmental Consultant for U.S. Navy / T.E.G.: Sediment  / vibracore studies of Treasure Island and Mare Island base closure subtidal properties, San Francisco Bay, 1997.

!! ReVision Consulting, Inc.: D.O.E. Wave energy systems trials, experimental radar systems trials, 2018.

Rudolfi, Inc. / T.E.G.: Vibracore monitoring of USN Reserve Fleet site, Suisun Bay 2008. (Ret.)



Shana Rae

“The Shana Rae operated for 25 days during the month of August, 2000, including eight continuous days of night operations and several days of 24-hour operations.  The cost effectiveness and heavy-payload capability of the Shana Rae combined with Jim’s extreme scheduling flexibility and fine seamanship contributed greatly to the success of MUSE.”

Michael B. Matthews, Sc.D.,

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

“You have become very savvy in this less-than-glamorous work, and I very much appreciate your thoughtful comments in this report, as in your previous reports.  They will be very helpful to me in briefing sanctuary managers on the status of the buoy system and future needs.”     

Scott Kathey, Federal Regulatory

Coordinator, Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, , National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

!! Rutgers University / California Polytechnic Institute: Autonomous glider support, 2008. AUV support, 2023.

RRM Consultants: Benthic sampling for Santa Cruz Port District of proposed offshore disposal site,  Monterey Bay, 1999.

S.A.I.C.:  Moss Landing Harbor District dredge monitoring vibracoring 2003. Port of San Francisco 2008-2011 (Ret.)

Saint Francis Yacht Club: Re-locate racing marks, 2014. (Ret.)

!! San Diego State University / Quantitative Morphology Consulting (QMI): Grey whale calf specimen freezing and transport system for USN acoustic analysis, 2009- 2016.

!! San Diego State University Research Foundation: Core sampling, Lower San Joaquin River, 2018.

!! San Francisco Estuarine Institute / Applied Marine Services: Annual SF Bay Water Quality monitoring, 2009-2010. South SF Bay sediment sampling & benthic instrument management, 2020-2021.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission: Water quality monitoring, quarterly benthic and trawl sampling; 1986-continuing into its 38th year.

San Francisco Gashouse Cove Harbormaster’s Office: High density polyethylene sleeve-reinforcing of aging wooden pilings, 2009. (Ret.)

San Francisco Estuarine Institute / Applied Marine Services:  Annual SF Bay Water Quality monitoring, 2009-2010. South SF Bay benthic sampling, 2021 (Ret.).

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (formerly Department of Public Works): Water quality monitoring,  quarterly benthic and trawl sampling; almost continuously since 1986, continuing into its thirty-eighth year, 2024.

San Francisco International Airport: Installation of Homeland Security perimeter marker buoys, 2004, 2006. (Ret.)

Santa Cruz City Water Department / Eco  Management, Inc. / T.E.G.: Proposed desalination plant intake structure site seismic, benthic, and vibracore studies, 2009.

!! Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD: Baseline marine mammal surveys on the original Sur Ridge ATOC site, 1994-95. Instrumentation deployment and recovery on the final Pioneer Seamount ATOC site; Waverider weather buoy service and redeployment, Cordell Bank, 1997;  “Glider” AUV support in Monterey Canyon, 2000. Instrument deployments with Hopkins Marine Station, 2008. Monterey Bay vicinity CDIP automated weather buoy management, 2007-continuing into 2024..

Seabird, Inc.: Instrument sea trials to depth, Monterey Bay, 2013.

Sea Engineering, Inc: Turbidity monitoring, San Francisco Bay Bridge construction, Santa Cruz Harbor dredge monitoring installations and recoveries, 2002-2005.

!! Sea Life Supply: Live trawl collection of pleurobranchia californicus for neurophysiological research at several Universities nationwide, 2005-07.

Sea Surveyor, Inc.: Benthic surveys and tide gauge studies for the Port of Oakland; seismic sub-bottom profiling and vibracoring for Army Corps of Engineers at Ventura, Santa Barbara, Goleta, and Carpinteria, 1988. Carquinez Straight vibracore sampling, 2014.

!! Seagam, Inc.:Sidescan sonar and bathymetric profiling of possible historic wreck site, 1990.

!! Seawell, Inc.: Sea trials of prototype passive desalination system, Monterey Canyon, 2008, 2009.

!! Sonoma State University: Instrumented live Elephant seal “weaner” releases, 2019.

!! Smithsonian Institution: Midwater trawling for invertebrate study species, Monterey Bay, 2020-22.

!! SRI, International: Sea trials of laser-based marine aggregates sensor system, 1991-96.  Sea trials of prototype wave-powered electrical generator, 2008, 2016.  Towed system sea trials, 2016.

!! Stanford University, Hopkins Marine Station: Upwelling front dynamics/Barnacle larvae distribution/Doppler radar calibration, 1989-1990; Buoy deployment 2008; Suisun Bay sedimentation instruments, 2011, 2017 (Ret.) ; Great White Shark monitoring instrumentation, 2011-2014. Ocean Acidification instrument deployments upcoast from Santa Cruz (with UCBerkeley), 2012. Humboldt squid acoustic surveys, southern Monterey Bay, 2013 (with Oregon State U.), Instrument array recovery off Hopkins Marine Station, 2023-24.

Subchem, Inc.: Instrument array deployments & recoveries with BAE Systems LOCO experiments, 2005.

!! Teledyne: Emergency AUV recovery, offshore Monterey Bay, 2018.

Terra Remote Sensing / Raycal Pelagos / Alcatel Inc.: Fiber optic cable route survey, northern Monterey Bay, 2000.

TetraTech EM, Inc: Personnel site tour at Concord Naval Weapons Depot, 2007.  Vibracore studies at Mare Island Naval Shipyard, 2008,  2009. (Ret.)

!! Texas A&M / U. of South Florida:Comparative studies with simultaneously developed marine aggregates sensor systems, 1992-93.

Transglobal Exploration and Geophysics, Inc. (T.E.G.):  Vibracore and benthic operations for Ports of San Francisco, Oakland, Redwood City, and Richmond, U.S. Navy, U.C. Berkeley and others, 1989-2009 (Ret.); Mare Island, 2009 (Ret.); Yerba Buena Island and Treasure Island, 2010 (Ret.).  (See references to T.E.G. in association with numerous benthic projects throughout this document, through 2011.)

!! Triton Technology, Inc.: Sea trials of prototype towed-array image processing system components, 1988, 1997, 2002.

Underwater Resources, Inc.: Annual and post-earthquake diver / ROV inspections, Santa Cruz and Watsonville outfalls, 1990. Instrument recovery and video inspection of San Francisco and Contra Costa county outfalls, 1997. San Francisco International Airport security zone installation, 2004, 2006, 2009-10 (set 4,000-lb anchors) (Ret.). MBARI directional drilling support, Monterey Bay; Sampling of hull fouling growth on WWII Victory ship USS Victory Queen, 2006 (Ret.). MBARI fiber optic cable installation and South San Francisco pipeline inspection, 2007. Historic vessel anchoring system refurbishment at SF National Maritime Museum, 2008 and 2018, (Ret.). Monterey Bay Aquarium seawater intake system repair, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013. Intake maintenance on Ready-Reserve USS Petersburg for Haiti earthquake relief, 2010 (Ret.); Berth 80 pipe inspection, 2010 (Ret.); Vallejo pipe inspection, 2011 (Ret.); City & County of San Francisco, 2010, 2012. Outfall inspection Daly City, 2012. Homeland Security boundary buoy installations at SF Int’l Airport, 2009 and 2017.  Monterey Regional Outfall inspection, 2018. Anchor recovery, SF Bay, 2020.

Underwater World at Pier 39 in SF: Diving ops for hand-capture of display specimen purposes, Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz Harbors, 1996.

!! UC Berkeley / California Department of  Fish and Game: Tagging & tracking studies of endangered marbled murrelets, Ano Nuevo Island, 2000. South SF Bay sediment transport monitoring array handling, 2008-09. Benicia instrument recoveries, 2012.

!! UC Berkeley: South San Francisco Bay and Suisun Bay sediment studies, 2008, 2009, 2012 (Ret.).

UC Berkeley / US Navy / City of Oakland: Freshwater monitoring well installations in sub-bottom strata, 1997.
!! UC Davis:  Ocean-bottom seismograph recovery and re-deployment, Monterey Canyon, 1998.

!! UC San Diego, Scripps Institution of Oceanography: Baseline marine mammal surveys on the original Sur Ridge ATOC site, 1994-95. Instrumentation deployment and recovery on the final Pioneer Seamount ATOC site; Waverider weather buoy service and redeployment, Cordell Bank, 1997; Glider AUV support in Monterey Canyon, 2000. CDIP automated weather buoy deployment, 2007. Instrument deployments with Hopkins Marine Station, 2008. Iridium buoy deployment 2010; CDIP buoy recovery, 2011; Drifting Wave Rider buoy recovery off Cypress Pt. and autonomous Spray glider recovery 185 n.m. SW of Santa Cruz, 2013.

!! UC San Francisco Romburg-Tiburon Center for Marine Studies: Acoustic monitoring of San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge construction, 2003. (Ret.)

!! UC Santa Barbara: Marine aggregate profiling, Monterey Canyon, 1992-93.

!! UC Santa Cruz, Institute for Marine Sciences: Marine mammal behavioral studies for Acoustic Thermometry Project off Pt. Sur, 1994-95, and release of yearling elephant seals with GPS, time-depth, and physiological instrument packs, 1994-97. Class support & small instrumentation deployments, 2008. Sediment transport instrumentation deployments South San Francisco Bay 2009 (Ret.) ; Upwelling dynamics Point Reyes, 2011.

!! University of Delaware: AUV operations, Monterey Bay, 2013.

!! University of Hawaii: Lateral mixing studies Monterey Bay, see BAE, 2005-6, and 2010, 2012.

!! University of Illinois, Department of Physiology and Biophysics: Live collection of pleurobranchia californicus, 1986-92, 2007.   Organic chemistry of Monterey Bay air and water quality monitoring sites, 1995.

!! University of Miami: In Situ Icthyoplankton Imaging System (ISIIS) towing, Monterey Bay, 2010.

!! University of Rhode Island: See BAE, 2005-6.

!! University of Ulm, Germany: Air & surface water studies, Monterey Bay, 1995.

!! University of Washington / Caltrans / Moss Landing Marine Laboratory:  Wave gauge studies off Stinson Beach slide, Marin County, CA, 1991-93. Ground truth profiling near Farallon Islands, 2018.

!! University of Washington:  El Nino storm water runoff tracking studies, Santa Barbara Channel, 1998. Acoustic operations, Monterey Bay, 2008. Farallon Islands ground truth instrument support for Applied Physics Lab, 2018

University of Wisconsin: Nighttime small boat capture & transmitter implanting on endangered marbled murrelets, to establish onshore nesting behaviors in up-canyon, old-growth forests, 2016 & 17.

URS/ Dames & Moore/ TEG: Vibracore sampling of Potrero Power Plant & San Francisco waterfront sites, 2000, ’01, ’08. (Ret.)

!! U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Waterways Experiment Station:  Acoustic Doppler Current Profile Studies of San Francisco and San Pablo Bays, 1992-1993.

!! U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Ecology Center: Sea otter behavioral study in Prince William Sound, Alaska, 1986. Surface support of California sea otter translocation to San Nicolas Island, 1987; Anchor mooring chain replacement, Farrallon Islands, 2011.

!! U.S. Geological Survey / UC Santa Cruz:  Benthic seismograph installations off Half Moon Bay, 1991Holocene shelf deposit and Paleozoic river channel deposit offshore vibracoring, Monterey Bay, 1999. Instrument recovery in Monterey Bay, 2003.  Box-coring studies off the Santa Clara river mouth in Ventura, CA, 2004.  San Francisco Bar sediment monitoring installations and recoveries, 2005-06.  South San Francisco Bay and Petaluma river sediment transport instrument array deployments & recoveries, 2006-2011 (Ret.), and in Monterey Bay 2008, 2009; Ocean Beach (San Francisco) sediment instruments, 2010; San Pablo Bay, 2011 (Ret.).  Instrument deployments and recoveries off Pt. Mugu, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz, 2010. Half Moon Bay instrument deployments & recoveries, 2012. Monterey Bay vibracore studies, 2015. San Pablo Bay Hayward fault vibracore studies, 2016. Sea trials of a prototype box coring system, 2024 (Ret.)

!! U.S. National Park Service/ Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary:  Diver and instrument support of sixteenth-century Spanish shipwreck site exploration, 1997.

!! U.S. Naval Postgraduate School:  Acoustic and thermal equipment trials, 1988-90.  Recovery of damaged and drifting ARGOS satellite-linked oceanographic instrument array, 1995.  Instrumented weather buoy deployment/recovery and air-dropped sonobuoy studies, 2000-02.  Wave gauge deployments and recoveries, 2001-2002,. Monterey Bay instrument deployments & recoveries 2003, 2005, 2007.

!! U.S. Navy: Offshore support of weather balloon launches with U2 overhead support at 80,000 feet, 1987. Removal of 3000′ inshore segment of ATOC sonar cable for materials recycling, 2011. Small RIB training with airdrops and nighttime beach landings of junior officers, 2015.

West Marine Products / Sail Magazine: Load testing analyses of multiple commercially available small craft anchors, Monterey Bay, 2006, 2009-12.

Weston Solutions, Inc.: Vibracore studies of Moss Landing Harbor District channels, 2006, and US Coast Guard Alameda Island berths, 2007.  Vibracoring for Cities of Alameda, Sausalito, and Vallejo, Ports of Oakland and Redwood City, 2008, 2009. (Retriever, except for Moss landing ops)

!! Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution / U.S. Geological Survey:  Ocean bottom seismographic studies, Pacifica-Half Moon Bay offshore sites, 1991. Instrument array handling, Monterey Bay, 1994.

!! Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution:  Acoustic array recovery, and transponder deployment to 3,000 meters, outer Monterey Canyon, 2000.  AUV operations and support, 1999, 2000.  Glider AUV support, 2006. Large cetacean acoustic monitoring array near the Farallon Islands, 2022. Launches, standby, and recoveries of fleets of up to 24 AUVs for up to 50 days with UW, USN, Rutgers, SIO, & others, 2021 – 23.

Yacht Racing Association of San Francisco Bay: Racing mark deployments, eastern-central SF Bay, 2012, 2013, 2016 (Ret.).