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Shana Rae
Length:52 feet
Beam:16 1/2 feet
Draft:6 1/2 feet.
Displacement:35 tons (net), 46 tons (gross)
Fuel:1500 gallons
Freshwater:450 gallons
Range:Approx. 1500 nautical miles;
10 days
Speed:Approx. 9 knots
AC Power:20 kilowatts, 110/220 volts,
or 6 kw
DC Power:12 and 32 volts

“Outstanding performance…supporting deployment of scientific data collection systems…

“Your professionalism is most noteworthy, and the excellent vessel facilities and equipment were instrumental in effecting a successful deployment. The overall services provided by the Shana Rae, and your accommodation of schedule changes caused by weather, substantially enhanced the success of the operation.

“Please accept my sincere appreciation and gratitude for a job extremely well done.”

Richard T. Porter, Manager


Shana Rae

To a wide range of academic, commercial, and governmental clients, Shana Rae is a trusted friend that needs no introduction.

Since 1986, when Jim finished the vessel’s last season as a salmon tender on Prince William Sound, the Shana Rae has supported a sweeping variety of projects across the spectrum of coastal marine research. These efforts have ranged from coring, ROV and dive operations, towed and anchored arrays, benthic and sub-bottom studies, to film work, live critter tagging and tracking, pipeline inspections and weather balloon launches.

Spend a few moments reviewing the Shana Rae Operations page, and Shana Rae Photo Tour, for a better grasp of this grand work boat’s exciting past…..and welcome aboard!

  • Full shower, galley, freezers, and berthing for seven, total.
  • Modern navigational electronics, including aircraft VHF, Weatherfax, 48-mile radar, and differential GPS plotter.
  • Quartz deck lights aft and powerful sodium floods forward.
  • Mini drylab with clean AC.
  • 4-way anchor spread capability.

On Deck (340 square feet)

  • Stern U-frame: 10’wide, 12’high, 5000-lb. capacity.
  • Primary trawl / CTD winch, with 4000 meters 0.322″ torque-balanced, galvanized UNOLS 3-conductor CTD wire.
  • Starboard waist hydraulic boom, 1200-lb. capacity.
  • 3 overhead deck booms with 3000-lb hoisting winches on each; full deck coverage.
  • Hydraulic capacity: 1750 psi operable between 15 and 75 gallons per minute.
  • Hydrographic winch with 1000 meters of 3/16″ stainless steel hydrowire.
  • Secondary winch with 150 meters of 1/4″ stainless steel hydrowire.
  • Foredeck anchor winch with 330-fathom capability.
  • 40 gallon-per-minute washdown/firehose.
  • Dive ladder suitable for heavy gear.

On the Drawing Board

  • Diving compressor, tank racks.
  • 60-square-foot wet lab at vessel’s center of motion.