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Length:50 feet
Beam:14 feet
Draft:46 inches aft, 18 inches forward under the A-frame
Fuel:300 gallons
Freshwater:50 gallons
Speed:8 knots
AC Power:20 KW
DC Power:12 volts

“Positive and cheerful efforts, especially given the short notice. I believe the Shana Rae would be an excellent platform for deploying RAFOS floats.”

Tarry Rago

Oceanographer, Naval Postgraduate School 

“…Could not have run smoother. The Shana Rae is a wonderful platform for ocean research.

” Jim went out of his way to see that I got to all four of my offshore stations and collected six Smith-McIntyre benthic samples at each station. …an extremely pleasant person as well as a competent and confident boat operator.”

Jonna Engel

Ph.D Candidate, Moss Landing Marine Labs 


Operates in 46 inches of water

Built in 1985 for Underwater Specialists, Inc. by Mr. Matt Kramer, Port Orchard, Washington

In 1999, MCRV added a San Francisco Bay day-boat for inland and shallow operations, in the 50-foot power scow Retriever formerly of Puget Sound.  Retriever is especially well suited to “dirty” vibracore, drilling, and benthic projects, and to commercial diving support, with the ability to operate in 46 inches of water.  Its twin, steerable outdrives and Differential GPS gives the vessel a dexterous precision that no other kind of rig could have, and its twenty-foot forward A-frame supports a broad range of heavy deployments up to ten feet wide.  With a moonpool on the drawing board, and the extra dimension of economical overland truck access to other inland sites, expect to see Retriever solving flatwater problems up and down the entire West Coast.

Inland and Shallow Operations

  • A husky, no-frills workboat for dirty, heavy work in flatwater, especially in shallows.
  • Twin, steerable outdrives and Differential GPS for precision handling and positioning.
  • 340 sq. ft., heavily braced steel fore deck; tie-down cleats all around, full wash down.
  • 3 or 4-way anchor spread capability.
  • 20-foot tall A-frame at the bow; 10 foot clearance abeam inside it, full deck coverage.
  • Modern navigational electronics; including DGPS, 48-mile radar, dual fathometers, VHF.
  • Aft wheelhouse with ample countertops, plentiful AC outlets and windows.
  • 170 sq. ft. afterdeck with 1500 pound capacity overhead boom.
  • Light galley appointments for day operations.
  • Truckable overland to other flatwater job sites, whether fresh or saltwater.
Navigational Electronics
S/V Retriever