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Research Vessels Shana Rae and Retriever

Since 1986, MCRV has offered the very versatile research vessel Shana Rae to coastal marine investigators, primarily in California’s Monterey and San Francisco Bay areas, with frequent forays up and down the larger West Coast. See Shana Rae Operations, and Shana Rae Photo Tour for an overview of this fine vessel’s colorful past. These are documents that speak for themselves, and of which we are very proud.

With valued clients spread further apart and a trend toward more extended projects, we at MCRV feel that it is time for the veteran Shana Rae to have some help. Since the 2000 season, Shana Rae has focused more on the Monterey Bay area, and has been more available for bigger projects, while a new addition to the fleet has offered full-time service to the San Francisco Bay area, and to other West Coast nearshore sites by overland truck. So even if you’re an old friend of the Shana Rae, please step aboard and review her carefully chosen, well-equipped sister; the 50-foot Survey Vessel Retriever.

“I enjoyed working with you in 1988, when your friendship, professionalism, and hard work contributed greatly to the success of our story and TV production. Mike and I are looking forward to renewing the relationship and ‘shipping out’ with you again this year.”

Emory Kristof

National Geographic Society Magazine, 1998.

“Nothing but positive comments about you and the boat from anyone, though Angie is probably your best asset!”    


Dr. D.V. Holliday

Director, Analysis and Applied Research, BAE Systems

Shana Rae

The Shana Rae

Survey Vessel Retriever

Survey Vessel The Retriever

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